Chords, Freeware MIDI utility- write melodies, listen to playback
Sheet music notes
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Sheet Editor
Adding Notes
Adding notes is done by selecting a type from the toolbar, and then clicking on the appropriate line in the staff.
After a staff is full, a new staff is made automatically.

Measures are created automatically for the track.
Chords does not currently correct the beat count for each measure.
Changing types
Types can be changed by selecting a note, and clicking the type you want to make it.
Sharps,flats can be done in the same way.
Editing notes
Notes can be inserted in between two consecutive notes on the staff.
Notes can be selected by dragging, and then deleted with the delete key.
Moving Notes
Move groups of notes by selecting a group of notes, copying or cutting, and then pressing Ctrl-V when the note insert marker is at the position you want to insert.
The insert marker is the first position the notes are inserted, notes are then added left to right. Each note will move to the next position in the track.
Note properties
Selected notes can be altered with the up and down key to change the pitch.
Setting properties from the left window will automatically change all selected notes.
Instrument changes
Changing an instrument will change it for all selected notes.
If no notes are selected, setting the instrument will set it for the whole track.
Select a note, type which note to loop to, in the "Loop to" box.
Type a loop count to set how many times to loop.
Lyrics are added by click the lyrics button, then clicking a note to place the text control above the note.
Chords and scale options are under the "Windows" menu. Click the "add chord" button to add the chord to the end of the active sheet.
Creating Chords
Chords can be created by first clicking on a note to select, and then putting the cursor above or below the note and clicking.

Free MIDI playback and sheet music notation editor.
it shows chord and scale diagrams. It also allows adding chords and scales
to sheet music. It supports multiple track playback.

Software has no installer, place exe anywhere and run it.

Software Links:
Read the license agreement before downloading

Download Exe
(Windows, requires DirectX)

Key Feature List
  • Windows sheet music editor and player
  • Compose music in sheet notation, play it via the Generial MIDI instrument set
  • View scale and chord diagrams, add them to sheet music
  • Multiple track sheet music playback
  • Sheet editor also displays in guitar tablature form
  • Create Chord Progressions by adding preset chords to sheet music
  • Select groups of notes and move with copy and paste
  • Set note properties such as sharp,flag,dotted and others

Sample Music: